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Sometimes an accidental blow to the mouth from a household slip and fall or a sports injury can damage one or more of your teeth. In a moment such as this, applying some basic first aid can help manage discomfort, while you seek emergency treatment from a dentist like Dr. Abbas Nejad.

Any stray material and blood from traumatized soft tissues might be cleared away by gently rinsing the area with a small amount of lukewarm saltwater. This might also help you get a better view to assessing the damage to the tooth. Gently rubbing a little topical oral analgesic and taking a standard dose of an over the counter pain medication might help reduce discomfort while you make your way to Abbas Nejad.

If the dental fracture is limited to the tooth’s enamel Dr. Abbas Nejad might be able to treat it with a dental filling. However, a patient who has lost a significant amount of tooth enamel might need a dental crown restoration.

If the sensitive inner core of the tooth has been damaged, you might experience considerable pain and a worsening toothache. This might require Dr. Abbas Nejad to perform an emergency root canal. This will essentially remove any remaining tooth enamel and other compromised structures before restoring enough structure to secure a dental crown.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona, area and you have recently suffered a chipped or fractured tooth, you should call 623-872-8686 to seek treatment at Abbas Nejad.