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Dental fillings are often used to repair small cavities that affect a tooth’s enamel layer. They are made from special dental grade materials that will prove invulnerable to the natural bacteria living in your mouth.

However, poor oral hygiene habits and the passage of years can cause the bond between an old dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel to degrade. As this starts to happen, you might notice discomfort in the tooth, a change in color, increased sensitivity, or a gray color appearing in the nearby tooth enamel.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in a previously repaired tooth, you should not delay in seeking treatment at Dr. Abbas Nejad’s dental office. In a single appointment, our team can determine the severity of the problem and the most effective method to treat the tooth. If the distressed dental filling is large, Dr. Abbas Nejad might recommend restoring the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown.

This type of treatment typically requires two separate appointments. It is designed to fully replicate the tooth enamel layer in an alternate dental material. Once Dr. Abbas Nejad has numbed the tooth, our team will start the process of forming an abutment from the remaining internal structure of the tooth. This is done by using a special dental drill to remove the entire enamel layer of the tooth leaving behind a small pillar of unaffected dentin. This abutment will later serve to anchor the dental crown firmly in your mouth.

The dental crown will need to be created in a dental lab. When it’s ready a member of staff at Abbas Nejad will call you to schedule a second appointment. Once it has been cemented in place the dental crown will fully restore the original strength of your tooth.

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona, area and you have a tooth with an uncomfortable dental filling you should call 623-872-8686 to have it treated at Abbas Nejad.