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If you are routinely suffering from oral accidents or injuries, it could be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. Even if you are taking care of your diet and cleaning your teeth every single day, you may be putting your teeth at risk due to lifestyle choices. To better protect yourself, it is important to be aware of tooth hazard risks in your life, and to take the necessary steps to prevent them. Some of those steps may include the following:

-Do not be afraid to protect your smile against habits that can chip and crack your teeth. Such habits to avoid include biting into ice, cough drops or other hard products. If you are not careful, these items can easily crack your teeth.

– Wear a mouth guard to help protect your smile from the risk of outside influences, especially while participating in sports or other physical activities. Such activities pose a tooth hazard because there is a high risk of receiving a blunt blow to the face. Always wear mouth guards to add an additional layer of protection.

– Avoid mouth jewelry, particularly tongue piercings and lip rings. Oral piercings can easily cause nerve damage, pose as choking hazards, or even lead to infectious diseases such as hepatitis or endocarditis.

– Exercise caution with stress or sleeping habits that are causing you to grind and wear down your teeth. Protect your teeth by wearing a night guard or bite plate while you sleep.

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