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Our Abbas Nejad team is excited to create oral health awareness as October is National Dental Hygiene Month. To keep your smile healthy and beautiful, your daily brushing and flossing habits, coupled with routine dental cleanings and checkups are essential for a healthy, beautiful smile. Let’s look at how your dental cleanings and checkups benefit your smile.


-When you run your tongue along your teeth and gums you may notice a sticky film. This film builds up when you don’t brush and floss. This film, called dental plaque, is an acidic bacterial film that erodes your tooth enamel and creates cavities. A dental cleaning will remove any hardened plaque (tartar) which has accumulated around the gumline and between the teeth.


-Gum disease starts when plaque has been allowed to build up, and is, as you might guess, one of the biggest contributors to tooth loss in adults. Untreated gum disease can infiltrate the areas of the tooth connecting to the jawbone. At this stage of gum disease, also called periodontal disease, the teeth loosen and fall out. Regular dental cleanings and checkups will remove hardened plaque and check for early signs of gum disease.


-While daily brushing and flossing keep plaque off the teeth, the foods and drinks you take in can still stain your pearly whites. Wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco are notorious for tooth discoloration. Your dental cleaning will allow us to remove tooth stains and polish your teeth for a brighter, more appealing smile.


-Regular dental cleanings can help lower your susceptibility to stroke and heart disease. Your dentist will also check for issues which respond well to early detection and treatment, such as periodontal disease and oral cancer.


To encourage you to reap the benefits of a healthier smile, Dr. Abbas Nejad, offers regular dental cleanings and exams for our patients in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are ready to get your smile on track, we invite you to call us at 623-872-8686 today.