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Are you looking to improve the quality and appearance of your smile? Dental crowns are an option to consider. If you are considering receiving a dental restoration, Dr. Abbas Nejad and our team offer a few benefits of high-quality dental crowns.

Some of the important benefits of dental crowns from Abbas Nejad include the following:

– Dental crowns cover a tooth all the way down to the gum line, creating a strong and natural appearance that looks like your natural tooth.

– You can repair a damaged or broken tooth, including teeth that are cracked or broken into pieces, to make it look whole and beautiful once more.

– Dental crowns can treat all sorts of tooth damage, including cracks,  discolorations, and stains, offering versatile treatment for your smile.

– If you have received a dental treatment such as an implant, root canal therapy, or dental filling, a dental crown can conceal or support any of these treatments, preventing your teeth from weakening.

To determine if you need a dental crown, please feel free to call Abbas Nejad at 623-872-8686 and book an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Abbas Nejad at our office in Phoenix, Arizona. We utilize high-quality materials to ensure your crown is strong and aesthetic. Your new smile is only a few appointments away!