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Not all toothaches are caused by food trapped between your gums and your teeth. In some cases, toothaches could be a sign of a severe infection. It is important to always assess your oral health by looking for signs and symptoms that bacteria, pus, pulp damage, abscesses, or any other oral ailments exist in your mouth. By spotting the symptoms and causes of a toothache early enough, it can help ensure your dentist will give you the proper treatment needed in time to save an infected tooth.

If you are experiencing a toothache, it is often important to determine if it’s simply caused by something stuck between your teeth or is the result of a serious infection that exists. If you’re taking medications and pain is felt even after using them, a severe ailment such as a toothache may be present. In addition, if you have severe inflammation, noticeable discharge, or facial rashes or fevers that are otherwise unexplainable, it may be due to a toothache.

Numerous oral ailments can also lead to toothaches. This includes oral accidents or injuries that have knocked out teeth and left you with severe dental damage. In addition, wisdom tooth eruption, tooth extractions, and TMJ disorders are all known potential causes of toothaches.

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