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Suffering from an infection or tooth decay can lead to pain later on down the road, even if you do practice daily dental care. You can get this fixed with a dental filling! Dr. Abbas Nejad and our dental professionals provide this care so you can continue your daily life speaking and eating without any pain.

Our services offer composite dental fillings, a filling usually made of plastic material and finely powdered glass. A composite filling has the advantages of being made to specifically match the shade and are great for small and sometimes large fillings on your teeth. With one simple dentist visit, you can have a filling installed within an hour.

They bond directly to the tooth in even the smallest crevices, making the tooth stronger, and do not require as much drilling for installment. To make the bond to the tooth strong, it is cured with a special light. This filling can also be blended with other materials to better strengthen the tooth.

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