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We would all like to whiten our teeth. Were you aware though that you can get a professional whitening treatment in your own home? We offer a treatment that you can perform yourself, and that is through our custom whitening trays.

We can provide you with a whitening gel that can bleach out stains on your teeth. We also provide trays that you can place the gel in and then set on your teeth. The trays are shaped like your teeth, so they can fit over your teeth much like plastic retainers while keeping the gel on your teeth so it can do its job. To ensure they fit snugly, we make them from impressions we take of your teeth.

Now, some of you may be concerned whether the gel will be safe for your teeth. The gel is strong enough on the stains, but it is designed so that it should not cause major problems for your teeth.

There is a possibility that your teeth may become more sensitive after using the gel, but it should not last very long nor cause much discomfort. If the gel does get on your gums, it may cause some irritation, but it should also not last very long. As long as you are careful, you can avoid getting the gel on your gums, but again, it should not be an issue if it does happen.

Over time, you should start seeing improvements in the look of your smile. If you would like to try out our custom whitening trays, feel free to visit us at Abbas Nejad in Phoenix, Arizona. Our dentist, Dr. Abbas Nejad, can help you learn how to use this method effectively. You can call 623-872-8686 to schedule your appointment with us.